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 Kingdom Grounds Guide.

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PostSubject: Kingdom Grounds Guide.   Thu Oct 16, 2008 12:39 am

Be sure to read the game's help files Here

MoV = Master Of Vampires (an Ancient Tyrant Razz)
AP = Attack Power
DP = Defense Power
MP = Magic Points
TP = Travel Points
HP = Hit Points
STR = Strength
DEX = Dexterity
KG = Kingdom Grounds
KGDD = Kingdom Grounds Donater Days
PVM = Player vs Monster
PVP = Player vs Player
Clan = Kingdom
E = East
W = West
N = North
S = South
SE = South East
SW = South West
NE = North East
NW = North West


Wizard: Mainly a magic user with low HP, high MP and many spells
Knight: A forceful fighter with uber strength and reasonable HP. Unfortunately this character has little wisdom of the magical world.
Cleric: Balancing between Religion and slaughter the cleric has the average of both worlds.

all 3 classes are balanced, none of them is overpowered, so pick the one you like.

Difficulty Levels:

1-Normal 1.0 (Normal EXP and rewards)
2-Medium 1.5 (better EXP and rewards)
3-Hard 2.0 (High EXP and Rewards)

however, once picked difficulty levels can only be changed via Donating to the game

Society Ranks:
players gain better society ranks when they reach certain levels

1-Beggar (lvl 1-4)
2-Peasant (lvl 5-9)
3-Intitiate (lvl 10-14)
4-Novice (lvl 15-19)
5-Apprentice (lvl 20-24)
6-Squire (lvl 25-29)
7-Lord (lvl 30-34)

1-people can only join clans when they are level 5 or higher
2-people can only create clans when they reach the rank Apprentice
3-people can only create castles when they reach the rank Lord

Leader and Sub-leaders can build these
1-Fortification Walls: Boosts the defense of your castle
2-Battering Rams : Boosts the attack of your castle
2-Combat Barracks: improve all members combat skills in PVP
3-Defensive Barracks: improve all members defensive skills in PVP

Kingdoms must specialise in one type of barracks, because the price goes up by 1000 Gold each time you build any type of fortifications (even when it's a different type)

Clan EXP (Kingdom EXP): its current effects are unknown, but it affects Kingdom Rankings

Hit Points (Hp): when those reach 0 you're dead.
Magic Points (MP): spells cost MP, thus MPs are vital to any wizard.
Travel Points (TP): each step in the wilderness costs 1 TP, each PVP duel costs 1 point as well. it's like "energy" or "turns" in other games.
Strength (STR): allows you to carry more weight (possibly has other effects too).
Dexterity (DEX): allows you to hit more accurately, will also increase your chances of evading enemies' attacks and doing Excellent hits (Critical hits), Dexterity also plays a role in your chance of sucessfully running away from monsters.
Attack Power (AP): determines Damage dealt in Player vs Player/ Player vs Monster
Defense Power (DP): reduces the amount of damage received in Player vs Player / Player vs Monster

using the directions, players can wander around the wilderness, there is a chance of 1/5 that a random monster (of the same area's level) will appear and fight will start.
there is also a chance that you'll find Training Camps (Exp Gains) or Scrolls (MP, TP, DP, HP, AP, Str, Dex)

there is also a small chance that an amount of carried gold will be stolen, and a smaller chance that an amount of gold in bank will be stolen (only gold in Kingdoms is safe, so Donate!!!)

Player vs Monster: (PVM)
when a fight starts, 3 buttons will appear:
1- Fight (Melee Attack)
2- Spell (Casts the chosen Spell)
3- Run (with a chance of failure that's affected by your Dexterity and Monster's Dexterity)

1-Excellent hits usually have higher damage than normal hits, and the chance is affected by dexterity
2-some monsters are immune to spells, here are few examples:
2-1 All Undead (Ghasts, Undead Barbie Dolls, Undead Anacondas, Vampires from all generations)
2-2 All Kobalts (normal Kobalts, Adamantium Kobalts)
2-3 Nymph, Harpy
3- some monsters have very high defense (all Kobalts) and some monsters have very high attack (assassin, Anacondas, Nymphs)
when you win a PVM Fight, you'll gain EXP and Gold based on the monster's level, you might also get an item (unidentified, it might give negative bonuses when the item is cursed)

but few things change during a PVP:
Player vs Player:
when you invite someone into PVP a fight occurs, and 1 TP is consumed in the process, no choices are given, no buttons are there to be clicked, no spells can be cast.

1- your MP now affects damage (since you can't cast spells).
2- your Dexterity now affects evasion, accuracy, attack speed. Excellent Hits

MP + AP = damage
DP = defense
Dex = Attack Speed, evasion, accuracy, excellent hits

when you lose a PVP battle, you will lose a small amount of the rival's carried gold + 5 honor points.
when you win a PVP battle, you will win a small amount of the rival's carried gold + honor points + clan EXP points (only when the rival is from another Kingdom)

Note: Honor cannot be seen and can be used in castles.

Donating to the game:
when you donate real money to the game, you'll get donater days (KGDD) which can be used in the KGDD master trainer in any town:

2 KGDD = 1 STR/Dex/MP/HP/max TP
1 KGDD = 2 current TP

Benefits Of Donater Days:
1-Psychic Chat (you can access chat wherever you are)
2-Accurate map position (without KGDD days, your position is not accurate)

Benefits Of Being A Donater:
1-Hints N Tips Section in the Forums
2-Changing Difficulty Settings
3-Accessing to special lists that contain all monsters, spells, items

1-Faragan (0,0) it costs 3 TPs to teleport to Faragan
2-Caniel (5 N, 30 E) it costs 20 TPs to teleport to Caniel
3-Tainee (14 N, 45 W) it costs 35 TPs to teleport to Tainee
4-Kittin (20 S, 51 E) it costs 30 TPs to teleport to Kittin
5-Lurania (69S, 14 W) it costs 50 TPs to teleport to Lurania
6-Elessen (82 N , 69 E) it costs 80 TPs to teleport to Elenssen
7-Throin (20N , 142W) it costs 85 TPs to teleport to Throin

Each town gives you the following options:
1-Rest At The Inn (refill your HP and MP meters at a small cost of money depending on your level)
2-Enter Your Castle (available only when you reach the rank Baron)
3-Go to The Bank (Bank your gold to prevent it from being stolen)
4-Visit The Town Armory (buy your equipment)
5-Magic Maps! (buy other town maps which gives you the ability to teleport to them without having to find them yourself)
6-KGDD Master Trainer (spend KGDD to gain stats)
7-Oracle (Take Quests From The Oracle)
8-The Dungeoun Pit (Game Jail, you can find all the cheaters and abusers here)
9-Mystic Mail (Game Mail)
10-Challenge Arena (PVP)
11-Talk To The Villagers (hints for quests)
12-Great Library Of Stats (Overall Statistics for the Kingdom Ground's Universe)
13-Kingdoms (Clans)
14-Donations Chamber (Donating to the Game)
15-Spinning Wheel (Casino)

1-Special Delivery Level: 1 Price: 25 gold
2-Petty Thief Level: 5 Price: 50 gold
3-Holy Water Level: 12 Price: 70 gold
4-Lost trinket Level: 15 Price: 50 gold
5-Way to Lurania Level: 12 Price: 50 gold

Quest Solutions:
this section needs a lot of work, I don't remember how I solved most of these:
the locations of quests are random, you can do quests as many times as you want, speaking to villagers may give few hints:

Special Delivery:7 N 7 E
Petty Thief: 27 S 2 W
The Way To Lurania: 5 steps away from lurania

the locations might be different each time, but this should give you an idea at least

you can also Chat, Send Mails, Send Gold, Send KGDD, Access to Kingdom (Clan) while in town.

Phew, it took a lot of time to write all of this, it's still unfinished, information regarding towns needs editing.
if you see any errors, please post here and report

Thank you

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Kingdom Grounds Guide.
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