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 List Of Rules

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Master Tyrael
Master Tyrael

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PostSubject: List Of Rules   Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:50 am

List Of Rules:

1-Signature picture size is 500 x 100.

2-no Spamming unless in Spam forum.

3-no Swearing, no Cusswords, no inappropriate language.

4-you may only talk in English unless in Spam Forum (no Arabic, no Dutch).

5-you may not post racist posts here.

6-talking about religions and politics can only be in Debate Forum

7-no Flaming.

8-you may not post any pictures or any links that refer to pornographic or adult material.

9-you may not talk about anything related to Syria's Politics. (This is a golden rule, it shall not be discussed).

Refuse to abide by the rules and you shall be punished (Warned, Disabled, Deleted, Banned)

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List Of Rules
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