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 New Players Guide

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Owner & Admin

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PostSubject: New Players Guide   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:08 pm

1. Training
2. Battling
3. Specializations
4. Energy
5.Elemental Points (EPs)
6. Mining
7. Ability Points (APs)
8. Weapons
9. Armors

Section 1 Training

1. Do not train before level 30.
2.Later the better (higher training rate)
3. Make sure to upgrade your training facility first.
4. Do not train under a 1.0 training rate

Section 2 Battling

1- Know your targets - only attack those you can kill.
2- Killing players near EM gives best Elemental Experience
3- Killing ones who just hit EM gives less Elemental Experience.
4- Battle Rage- Click here to alter it . Changing battle rage booster increases the amount of energy you use per fight turn. Higher battle rage increases the amount of coins won per battle. The amount of points won in a clan war is not influenced by battle rage%.

Section 3 Specializations

For every 5 levels you gain, you will receive 1 Specialization Point.
2-There are 5 Specializations you could pick from:
lv 1.Refill The Jug:
Faster and Cheaper way to refill the Potion Jug
lv 2.Jug Regeneration:
Regenerates the Potion Jug every hour (by 120 Points)
lv 2.Improve Jug Max:
Makes you able to store more in your Potion Jug
lv 3.Enchant Armor:
Enchants the selected armor and improves the MAX HP on the armor.
lv 4.Rename Armor:
Spend 5k coins to rename an armor. (This only works for armors without an emerald or crest inserted).

lv 1. Coingain:
Basically you can adjust it to give more coins for you Smile
lv 2.Platgain:
Now you can adjust it to give more platinum hourly
lv 3.Discounts at Armory and Blacksmiths:
They sell em lil bit cheaper in shops.

lv 1.Pick Pocket:
Steal 2x Coins from your opponent in Battle
lv 2.Thief Guild:
Get Access to the Thief Guild
lv 3.Decapitation
Kills an enemy with less then 10% HP left in Battle
lv 3. Full acces Thief guild:
Now you can steal other ppl funds
lvl 4. Pick locks in the forest, opening closed chests. Need lvl 3 in all other specialisations for this. (at least lvl 60)

lv 1.Improving Weapons / Armors:
Improves the Damage / Defense of the item
lv 2.Refine Weapons / Armors:
Refine the item into Minerals
lv 3.Slotting Weapons / Armors:
Adds a slot in the item, this is needed to be able to insert an Emerald.
lv 4.Rename Weapon:
Spend 5k coins to rename a weapon (This only works for weapons without an emerald or crest inserted.)

lvl.1 you will lose less energy per step (0.23 instead of 0.25)
lvl.2 A forest map appears (4x4 size) less energy too
lvl.3 Secret ways appear, Caves to transport you around, larger map (7x7) less energy as well
lvl.4 Guiding, less energy (little is known about this one, no one got it yet)

Section 4 Energy

1-Every hour (10 per hour)
2-Through voting (the voting links to the right of the page)
3-Through clan awards (25 each clan award, each member)
4-Your max energy can be increased through meditation, clan awards, and by some elemental abilities.
5-Trough voting for a story (at the library -Gariki)

Section 5 Using Elemental Points (EP)

1- Max Final Knowledge and Elemental Knowledge first.
2- Take Acceleration and Speed Master.
3-Take Wrath and Incarnation
4- specific skills
Earth: Quake - Quicksand - Eclipse - Rage
Fire: Inferno
Water: Snowstorm
Wind: Tornado - Typhoon - Legend)
Lightning:Thunder - Concentrate - Explosion - Shockwave-Northern Cross
5- Save 20-35 EP's for e-level 75
6- Skills to skip
-HP Boost - Useless
-HP Master - Little better but still no use
-Gargoyle - Very little use
-Defensive Screen - Not bad, but need waste 3 on Gargoyle to get here
-Some weapon classes like Claws or Whip Should skip Critical Supremacy. Avoid if you don't want critical. (Critical are enemy of weapon%)
5-Best Elemental Mastery is power mastery. >>Read more from help files<<

Section 6 Mining

1- Buy 1 mine to get free operations; you get 10 free per day.
2- If you want to be miner, ask me or Tyrael ^^
3- Clan provides platinum and coins to max your silver/bronze senses and mines. But we need you to mine silver and bronze for us all then.
4- Rock 16 for more bronze and silver

Section 7 Using Ability Points (APs)

1- Agility is the most important statistic in the game
2- Strength is the second most important statistic in the game
3- Next is endurance , then accuracy
4 -Weapons require agility and strength to equip
5- Armors require agility and endurance to equip

Section 8 Weapons

Choose one type of weapon and stick with it. Do not change the weapon type you use. If you want to use a whip, always use whips.

1 Axe/Mace
* Crushing blow - Deals damage 1/11 of Enemy's HP: Especially powerful on people with high HP.
____ hit you for 500 damage. (5000 left)
Crushing Blow! (4450 left)
* Very handy with critical. Totally based on DMG
* Requires most strength in game

2 Spear
* Shock Strike - Cuts enemy's Accuracy by 25%. (Stacks, first cuts to 75% of normal, second drops to 56.25% of normal, third drops to 32.1875% of normal, and so on)
Cuts enemy's MAX Accuracy by 5% (Meaning 20 hits, enemy has no accuracy)

3 Bow
* Bleeding Force - Enemy loses 2 hp every round and loses some defense with every hit.
____ hits you for 150 damage. (1500 left)
Bleeding Force!
You hit ____ for 1500 damage.
You bleed! (1498 left)
____ hits your for 148 damage. (1350 left)
Bleeding Force!
You hit ____ for 1250 damage.
You bleed! (1346 left)
* Game's 3rd most STR requiring one

4 Sword
* Elemental Multiply - Multiplies your elemental damage with 1.5 every time you hit in a row. If there is a miss or critical however, the elemental damage is reset to normal.
-Example: (150*1.5 on first hit, (150*1.5)*1.5 on second hit, ((150*1.5)*1.5)*1.5) <- If you hit three times in a row, that is.
* Most medium with requirements and quite formidable damage as well.

5 Daggers
* Double Strike - Hit twice in row with same damage with a single Elemental dmg after the Double Strike.
You hit ____ for 1750 damage.
Double Striking! 1750 damage.

The Most Popular weapon class by far
6 Whip
* Flash - Attack twice, with 60% of original damage on second hit, and steals some HP. lowers the enemy's attack rating (more misses)
You hit _____ for 1000 damage.
Flash! 600 Damage. (There is some hp stealing here)

7 Claws
* Force of Nature - Steal 1/20 of enemy's HP (Same as flash, with no damage shown)
most agility based weapon in the game
* huge attack speed it comes with (most agility based weapon in the game) combined with HP steal deals nice pile of DMG when enemies tend to have over 20k HP (healing 1k per each time you strike and hitting ten

The more you use a weapon class the more proficient you will become. The higher percentage your weapon class becomes, the more damage you will do while fighting with a weapon from that class equiped.
WC% raises when your weapon has enough weapon experience. You gain Weapon XP everytime your weapon does its special attack.
The higher the level is of your weapon, the more it adds to your Weapon Class XP

Section 9 Armors

1-Equip an armor by clicking on its name in your equipment, and then clicking on equip.
2- Armors increase your defense,
3-Increase your HP aswell.

Cost of Slotting Equipment:
502.5 platinum x item level = platinum required (drop the decimal)


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PostSubject: Re: New Players Guide   Thu Oct 16, 2008 3:16 pm

Just to help, Section 3's "Medical" color is off,
and in Section 4, add "Vote for a story in the Library" for 2 xtra points
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Owner & Admin
Owner & Admin

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PostSubject: Re: New Players Guide   Fri Oct 17, 2008 11:27 am

Fixed thank you Smile

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PostSubject: Re: New Players Guide   Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:14 pm

Done by Mov

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PostSubject: Re: New Players Guide   Fri Oct 17, 2008 2:34 pm

See, It could use editing Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: New Players Guide   

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New Players Guide
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